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4DH Double-hook Metal Tool Hook

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  • Hook Capacity: The 4DH Double-hook Metal Tool Hook has four hooks, which allows it to hold and organize up to four tools.

    Material: The hook is made of durable metal, which can withstand heavy use and resist rust and corrosion.

    Load Capacity: The maximum weight that the hook can support, which depends on the strength and durability of the metal used in its construction.

    Dimensions: The length, width, and height of the hook, which may vary depending on the manufacturer and model.

    Spacing: The distance between each hook on the unit, which can be adjusted to accommodate different tool sizes and shapes.

    The 4DH Double-hook Metal Tool Hook is a type of tool storage accessory that is similar to the 2DH Double-hook Metal Tool Hook, but with some key differences in its features.

    Like the 2DH double-hook metal tool hook, the 4DH hook is commonly used in garages, workshops, sheds, and other areas where tools and equipment need to be stored and organized. The multiple hooks allow for more items to be hung on a single hook, maximizing storage space and reducing clutter.

    To use a 4DH double-hook metal tool hook, simply attach the base plate to a wall or other surface using screws or other mounting hardware. Then, hang tools and equipment on the hooks as desired.

    The sturdy metal construction of the hook ensures that it can support heavy items without bending or breaking.

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As Custom 4DH Double-hook Metal Tool Hook Manufacturers in China, Jiangsu Goldenline Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (GL) is a professional designer, manufacturer, and exporter, especially engaged in various industrial and household use hand tools, tool sets and accessories, tool cabinets, workshop & garage use work stations, job site boxes and auto maintenance use products. GL integrates R&D, production, sales and customized service as a complete operational orientation, and the products have entered into the market in over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

Furthermore, relying upon powerful marketing skills and craft design strength, As Wholesale 4DH Double-hook Metal Tool Hook Company, GL has also participated in new product R&D processes for many domestic and overseas customers, thereby providing professional opinions for customers at the product design stage. Moreover, GL provides a series of relevant customized services and gradually formed the company recognition of “Advanced Technology, Professional Services” based on the reputation of “excellent quality”.

GL shall always be holding the faith of our enterprise as “Inspire The Iron”. We shall be grateful and feedback to each customer on the path of the company’s development. We are looking forward to creating greater success with you.

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After years of unremitting efforts, Goldenline has obtained numbers of product’s design patents, as well as many other company certifications.

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