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As China Regular Tool Sets Suppliers and Regular Tool Sets Company, Jiangsu Goldenline Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (GL) is a professional designer, manufacturer, and exporter, especially engaged in various industrial and household use hand tools, tool sets and accessories, tool cabinets, workshop & garage use work stations, job site boxes and auto maintenance use products. GL integrates R&D, production, sales and customized service as a complete operational orientation, and the products have entered into the market in over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

After several years high speed development, GL has increased investment enormously, by purchasing 120,000㎡ industrial premises to build up workshops and adding a number of sets of high-end equipment, thus the production capacity is substantially improved. The company’s revenue has tripled in the year 2020 compared to 2015, we supply Regular Tool Sets Custom and we are expecting another 100% increase within the next five years.

GL shall always be holding the faith of our enterprise as “Inspire The Iron”. We shall be grateful and feedback to each customer on the path of the company’s development. We are looking forward to creating greater success with you.

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What tools do Regular Tool Sets generally contain?

Regular Tool Sets typically contain a range of essential hand tools commonly used for general repair and maintenance tasks. The specific tools included in these sets may vary depending on the brand, size of the set, and intended use. However, a standard Regular Tool Set often includes a variety of the following hand tools:
Flathead screwdrivers (various sizes)
Phillips-head screwdrivers (various sizes)
Combination wrenches (both open-end and box-end, various sizes)
Adjustable wrenches (commonly known as crescent wrenches)
Allen wrenches (hex keys, various sizes)
Slip-joint pliers
Needle-nose pliers
Diagonal cutting pliers (also known as wire cutters)
Claw hammer
Tape Measure:
Measuring tape (typically in both metric and imperial units)
Utility Knife:
Retractable utility knife
Spirit level or bubble level
Socket Set:
Socket wrench with a variety of socket sizes and attachments
Ratchet handle
Adjustable Pliers:
Tongue and groove pliers (also known as channel-lock pliers)
Small hacksaw for cutting various materials
General-purpose scissors
Electrical tape
Duct tape
Hex Keys:
Hex key set or Allen wrenches (for hex socket screws)
Sockets and Bits:
Screwdriver bits and sockets for different screw and fastener types
Rubber or plastic mallet for non-marring strikes
Utility and Tool Bag:
A durable bag or toolbox to store and carry the tools
A small flashlight or headlamp for illumination in low-light areas
Work gloves to protect your hands
Safety Glasses:
Protective eyewear for safety when working with tools
Workbench or Portable Work Surface:
Depending on the set, it may include a portable workbench or work surface for a stable working area.
Please note that the specific tools and their sizes can vary from one tool set to another. The size and composition of a Regular Tool Set may also depend on whether it's designed for basic household tasks or more advanced DIY projects. Before purchasing a tool set, it's advisable to review the contents to ensure it includes the tools you need for your intended tasks. Additionally, as your skills and projects evolve, you may find it necessary to add specialized tools to your collection.

Can Regular Tool Sets handle common installation situations?

Yes, Regular Tool Sets are typically equipped to handle a wide range of common installation situations and general repair and maintenance tasks. These tool sets are designed to provide the essential hand tools needed for everyday household or DIY projects. Here are some common installation situations that Regular Tool Sets can handle:
Furniture Assembly:
Regular Tool Sets often include screwdrivers, wrenches, and Allen keys that are essential for assembling furniture, whether it's a bookshelf, table, or a cabinet.
Hanging Pictures and Shelves:
Included levels, hammers, screwdrivers, and wall anchors can be used to hang pictures, mirrors, shelves, and other wall-mounted items.
Basic Plumbing Repairs:
Wrenches and pliers in these sets can be used for basic plumbing tasks such as tightening or replacing faucet fixtures or fixing leaky pipes.
Electrical Repairs:
For minor electrical repairs like changing outlets or light switches, the screwdrivers in the tool set are suitable for removing cover plates and accessing wiring.
DIY Carpentry:
Tools like saws, screwdrivers, hammers, and tape measures in these sets can handle basic carpentry tasks like building shelves, repairing wooden furniture, or cutting materials.
Home Maintenance:
Regular Tool Sets can assist with general home maintenance tasks such as tightening loose screws, fixing door handles, or replacing cabinet knobs.
Vehicle Maintenance:
While not as specialized as an automotive tool set, some regular sets include tools like wrenches and pliers that can help with basic vehicle maintenance tasks such as changing oil or tightening bolts.
Assembly and Installation of Appliances:
When installing or assembling appliances, the included tools can be used to secure connections, attach parts, and level the appliances.
Gardening and Landscaping:
For basic gardening and landscaping projects, Regular Tool Sets often include tools like pruners, shears, and shovels to assist with minor yard work.
General Household Repairs:
These tool sets are invaluable for addressing everyday repairs and maintenance in and around the home. They can handle tasks like fixing loose cabinet doors, tightening handles, or securing loose furniture joints.
It's important to note that while Regular Tool Sets are versatile and can handle many common installation situations, they may not be suitable for more specialized or heavy-duty tasks. For more complex or specialized projects, it may be necessary to invest in additional tools or consider specialty tool sets tailored to specific needs.