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As China Vehicle Tool Set Manufacturers and Vehicle Hand Tool Sets Factory, Jiangsu Goldenline Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd (GL) is a professional designer, manufacturer, and exporter, especially engaged in various industrial and household use hand tools, tool sets and accessories, tool cabinets, workshop & garage use work stations, job site boxes and auto maintenance use products. GL integrates R&D, production, sales and customized service as a complete operational orientation, and the products have entered into the market in over 100 countries and regions worldwide.

After several years high speed development, GL has increased investment enormously, by purchasing 120,000㎡ industrial premises to build up workshops and adding a number of sets of high-end equipment, thus the production capacity is substantially improved. The company’s revenue has tripled in the year 2020 compared to 2015, we supply Hand Tool Sets Wholesale and we are expecting another 100% increase within the next five years.

GL shall always be holding the faith of our enterprise as “Inspire The Iron”. We shall be grateful and feedback to each customer on the path of the company’s development. We are looking forward to creating greater success with you.

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Management System & Product’s Certificate

After years of unremitting efforts, Goldenline has obtained numbers of product’s design patents, as well as many other company certifications.

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Industry knowledge

What are the essential tools that you commonly find in a basic household tool set?

A basic household tool set typically contains a selection of fundamental hand tools that are useful for a variety of DIY tasks and minor repairs around the home. Here are some essential tools commonly found in such a set:
    Screwdrivers: Both flat-head and Phillips-head screwdrivers in various sizes to accommodate different types of screws.
    Hammer: A versatile tool used for driving nails, removing nails, and light carpentry tasks.
    Pliers: Combination or slip-joint pliers for gripping, bending, and cutting wires or small objects.
    Adjustable Wrench: Also known as a crescent wrench, it can be adjusted to fit various nut and bolt sizes.
    Tape Measure: A flexible measuring tool used for taking accurate measurements of objects and spaces.
    Utility Knife: A retractable knife with replaceable blades, useful for cutting various materials like cardboard, plastic, and packaging.
    Level: A tool for ensuring horizontal and vertical accuracy when hanging pictures, shelves, or other items.
    Allen Wrenches: Also known as hex keys, these are used to tighten or loosen hexagonal socket screws and bolts.
    Claw Hammer: Similar to a standard hammer, but with a curved claw for removing nails more easily.
    Carpenter's Pencil: A flat pencil used for marking measurements and lines on wood and other materials.
    Combination Square: A measuring tool with a ruler and a 90-degree square used for marking and checking right angles.
    Wire Cutter: Specifically designed for cutting electrical wires cleanly and safely.
    Staple Gun: Useful for attaching fabric, paper, or other materials to surfaces using staples.
    Crescent Wrench: Similar to an adjustable wrench but with a smooth jaw, commonly used for plumbing tasks.
    Safety Gear: Basic safety equipment such as safety glasses and work gloves to protect your eyes and hands during tasks.
    Fasteners and Hardware: Assorted nails, screws, nuts, bolts, and wall anchors to accommodate various fixing needs.
    Storage Case or Toolbox: A container to keep the tools organized, easily accessible, and portable.

What safety measures should users take when using power tools from a tool set?

Using power tools from a tool set requires careful attention to safety to prevent accidents and injuries. Here are some important safety measures to keep in mind when using power tools:
    Read the Manual: Always read and understand the manufacturer's user manual for each power tool before use. The manual provides essential information about safe operation, maintenance, and any specific precautions.
    Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Wear appropriate personal protective equipment, such as safety glasses, hearing protection, dust masks, and gloves, to protect yourself from potential hazards.
    Inspect Tools: Before using any power tool, inspect it for any visible damage, loose parts, or frayed cords. If you find any issues, do not use the tool until it has been properly repaired.
    Power Source: Ensure that the power source (outlet, battery, etc.) matches the tool's requirements. Use grounded outlets and appropriate extension cords if needed.
    Workspace Safety: Keep your work area well-lit, clean, and organized. Clear away clutter, debris, and obstacles that could impede your movement or the tool's operation.
    Secure Workpieces: When using cutting or drilling tools, secure the workpiece firmly in place using clamps or other appropriate methods. This prevents unexpected movement and reduces the risk of accidents.
    Proper Attire: Avoid wearing loose clothing, jewelry, or anything that could get caught in moving parts of the tool. Tie back long hair and wear fitted clothing.
    Two-Handed Operation: Some Vehicle Hand Tool Sets require two-handed operation to prevent accidental engagement. Always keep both hands on the tool and away from moving parts.
    Switch Off: Ensure that the power tool is switched off and unplugged before making any adjustments, changing accessories, or performing maintenance.
    Cord Management: Keep cords and cables away from the tool's moving parts to prevent accidental cuts or tangles.
    Avoid Overreach: Use a stable platform or ladder if needed. Avoid overreaching or using the tool in awkward positions that can compromise your balance and control.
    Safety Guards: Many power tools come with safety guards or shields. Do not remove or disable these guards, as they are designed to protect you from flying debris and accidental contact with moving parts.
    Correct Accessories: Use only accessories and attachments that are designed for the specific tool. Incorrect accessories can lead to accidents or tool damage.
    Lockout/Tagout: If you're working with tools that have locking triggers, use the lockout/tagout feature when not in use to prevent unintended activation.
    Unplug or Remove Batteries: When changing accessories or performing maintenance on corded power tools, unplug them. For cordless tools, remove the battery pack before making any adjustments.
    Training and Experience: If you're unfamiliar with a particular power tool, seek proper training or guidance from experienced individuals before use.