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What fire-resistant materials can be used in garage storage to insulate wires and cables?

The main types of fireproofing materials used to isolate wires and cables in garage storage rooms include:

Flame retardant cable jacket: This material can be placed directly on the outside of wires or cables to provide a layer of fire protection. It is usually made of flame-retardant materials that can resist the erosion of flames for a certain period of time, thereby preventing the fire from spreading through wires and cables.

Fire-rated partitions: Fire-rated partitions are rigid materials that can be installed over holes in walls or floors where wires and cables pass. It can effectively isolate wires and cables from direct contact with the surrounding environment and prevent flames and heat from spreading through holes.

Fireproof sealant: This material has good sealing and flame retardant properties and can be used to fill holes where wires and cables pass through walls or floors. It expands under the action of flames and seals holes, preventing the spread of fire and smoke.

Inorganic fire retardant coating: This coating can be painted on the surface of wires and cables to form an inorganic fire retardant protective layer. It has high fire resistance temperature and good thermal insulation properties, which can effectively slow down the burning speed of wires and cables in fires.

When selecting fireproof materials, factors such as the material's fire resistance rating, flame retardant performance, and use environment need to be considered to ensure that the selected materials can meet the fire protection requirements of the garage storage room. At the same time, it should be ensured that the fireproof materials used comply with the standards and regulations of relevant countries or regions to ensure their safety and effectiveness.

It should be noted that although fireproof materials can provide certain fire protection, they cannot completely eliminate the risk of fire. Therefore, during the design and use of garage storage rooms, other fire prevention measures need to be taken, such as setting up automatic fire alarm systems and configuring fire extinguishing equipment, to minimize the possibility of fires.

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